Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aiko's Prototype Hand


Here is Aiko's new prototype Hand.

I have tested the new hand at Star Bucks picking up the coffee.
I didn't get the "chance" to video it, but I will the next time I am there.

1) 5 movable fingers
2) Compact size. Same as human's hand
3) Will have complete sensors for feedback
4) Low Power consumption 5V
5) Can be use for Aiko.
6) 15 movable joints
7) Material Cost $1800

Can be use for Aiko or for human. Life-like mechanical limb that has the ability to feel physical sensation.
(Control by human muscle) special senors and controller will attach to the human's muscle. In other words, controlling the hand with our muscles.

Human Brain >> Nerve Impluse >> Muscle >> Aiko's Hand

This technology can be beneficial for people born with or who have undergone amputations.

Since, I can't find any volunteers, I guess I will test it on myself.


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