Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aiko's Latest Hand


This is version 2 of Aiko's new hand.

Here are the new specifications for the new hand.

1) Weight only 95g which is 1/3 of the weight of the old hand.
2) 2.5x more power and more torque.
3) 35% smaller than the old hand.
4) The fingers are small enough that it can type on a keyboard.
5) The palm of the hand is cable of bending.

The glove you see is woman wedding gloves small size (s).
I was shopping in Japan a few months ago, it was nice so I bought it.
I design the new hand from that gloves.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Aiko's Hand Video Demo


Here is the latest video of the Hand.

Aiko's Hand Video demo

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aiko's Prototype Hand


Here is Aiko's new prototype Hand.

I have tested the new hand at Star Bucks picking up the coffee.
I didn't get the "chance" to video it, but I will the next time I am there.

1) 5 movable fingers
2) Compact size. Same as human's hand
3) Will have complete sensors for feedback
4) Low Power consumption 5V
5) Can be use for Aiko.
6) 15 movable joints
7) Material Cost $1800

Can be use for Aiko or for human. Life-like mechanical limb that has the ability to feel physical sensation.
(Control by human muscle) special senors and controller will attach to the human's muscle. In other words, controlling the hand with our muscles.

Human Brain >> Nerve Impluse >> Muscle >> Aiko's Hand

This technology can be beneficial for people born with or who have undergone amputations.

Since, I can't find any volunteers, I guess I will test it on myself.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Inside of Aiko


I founded this old picture of Aiko. Aiko had undergone a major repair.
Some sensors were replaced and new micro controller was installed.
This picture was taken in December of 2007.

p.s. I am currently re-designing Aiko's hand. Aiko will be able to move all five fingers in the future.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BRAINS software of Aiko Demo Video Face, 3-D object

B.R.A.I.N.S = Biometric Robot Artificial Intelligence Neural System

There are many application that can be use with the BRAINS software.
One of the application is Project Aiko


Language Program: Basic & C
Bits: 32 Bits
Resolution: 1200x 740

Control up to 8 camera
Control Microcontroller,including gyro, accelemeter etc...
Control special sensors inside silicone skin.
Control human behaviour, mimic pain, tickle, touch gently.
Access info. Hwy, for Temperature and Weather
Vision: Reading, Colour, Math.
AI: Learning from the environment and interact with the software
Automation, self control
Speech: English & Japanese
Voice Recognition: Work with most people (No training require)
AI Conversational:13,000 sentences
Access Background from foreground.
Face recognition 250faces /sec including multiply people in the same room
3-d object - recognize in 3-d
Trace mouth, shoulder and heart.
Trace human motion such as arms and hands

1) Voice recognition (No training voice require)
2) Easy to understand voice speech
3) Reading, anything the software can not read, it will spell it out.
4) Face fast detection and accurate, 250/sec
5) Detect mouth, shoulder, and heart (can be use for future arm robotic to feed handicap)
6) 3-D object recognize, and trace object movement.
7) Trace human motion such as arms and hands
8) Can recognize a face with or without the hat.

Robotics,Multimedia, Airport, Military, Information desk, Security, Medical-hospital, Adult Companions and much more

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New video


It has been awhile since I update a video.
I have just finished recording it.
Just need to do some editing, and post on the web within a few days.


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aiko and Chobit Cosplay

Hi all

It has been awhile since I post any new picture of Aiko.
Aiko is supposed to be Chii from Chobit wearing a maid costume.
The costume is design by SakuraChang.

New Feature:
Aiko can now trace a person's mouth with her hand.
New sensors on cheek, chin and head.