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What am I working on now
Add two new vision systems for the software 
Make facial face expression.


Aiko made her debut in 2007 at the Ontario Science Center and HobbyShow



Aiko Version 2: April 13, 2009


In order to incorporate the BRAINS software into Aiko V2, the software needs to be improved on performance. The original beta BRAINS software has issue with delaying reaction due to single thread. The delay times causes frame freeze, and delay in speech during some actions. I have decided to reconstruct the BRAINS software to have triple threads. It will take some time to re-programming the software, but it willbe worth the effort.

First thread: Vision (Face, 3D objects, Motion, Color, Reading, Extract images from surrounding)
Second thread: Speech (Voice Recognition, Speech Language, Learning, DB, Internet)
Third thread: Hardware (Micro Controller, Sensors, Motors, Gyro, Automation)

Small changes on the interface for version 1.02

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email:




It is my dream to have Aiko be as human-like as possible. I'm not sure if it is possible, but there is no way to find out unless I try.

Aiko's future abilities:
  1. Working on version 2.